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New Zealand's only inflatable fun run where we come to your location with a bespoke course designed around your requirements.
Great fundraiser, awesome main attraction for any large event and suitable for all ages.

Our Obstacles

Our inflatable obstacles are unique to New Zealand and comply with Worksafe guidelines. They combine agility, co-ordination, courage, speed, stamina, teamwork, determination, with lots and lots of fun!

A unique obstacle that requires coordination and stamina to successfully traverse the wall.
Rush over this 10m long obstacle of holes and walls designed to test your dexterity and balance.
Run through the pendulum spheres, ducking and weaving to avoid being bashed.
A web of bungee ropes entangled inside a chamber that requires patience and tactical thinking.
A mesmerising obstacle which requires quick thinking to find a quick way through.
Six spheres to master by testing balance and timing, jumping from one end to the other.
Three 8m long tunnels to race through using speed and determination.
A 4m high leap of faith onto a stunt crash mat filled with columns of air.
Climb the near vertical wall and then descend rapidly to the finish.
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  • School Fun Run

  • Community Event

  • Corporate Fun Run

  • Main Event Attraction

Fun Run

InflataRun is a new to New Zealand running event that comes to schools.

Ideas include class, house, buddy, teacher or custom waves through the course.


Perfect for schools up to 750 pupils, with course races from 500m to 3km.


Our course designer will help you plan a bespoke course design to meet your school requirements.

Event Day

There is no need to hire transportation - we come to you.

Our staff will liaise with you onsite to set up and manage the races.


Our Events

InflataRun will be hosting and participating in a number of community events through out the year. If you would like to discuss InflataRun being part of your next event please scroll down to contact us, we'd love to hear from you. To keep up to date with our latest events please like and follow our Facebook page.

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We'd love to hear from you

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